Excellence: Excellence can only be achieved when we compete with ourselves and strive to be better than our previous performances. Hence, we are in a state of constant competition with ourselves and strive for excellence in the all-inclusive performance of the institutional functioning. Accountability: We believe that the overall amelioration of the college is the result of our individual as well as collective actions. Hence, we strive for continuous evaluation and improvement by establishing, demonstrating and communicating clearly defined objectives, and fiscal and social responsibilities.
Ethics and Integrity: Respect for one another, honesty, and ethical behavior helps to build positive and healthy relationships among one another, encourage participation and involvement at all levels.
Teamwork: We believe in working as a team which creates a cordial environment to exchange ideas and where every member is valued, respected, encouraged to contribute and recognized/rewarded for their efforts.
Partnership with the community: We believe that whatever we achieve is also because of the collective effort of various people supporting us directly or indirectly in our journey. Thus, partnering with our community by sharing knowledge and ideas is our way of being grateful for all the support we have received.
Environmental Care: We are committed to practicing greener technologies and environmentally responsible strategies by way of optimum utilization of resources, natural resource conservation and energy conservation. .

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